What is a tasting?

A tasting is a chance for you to meet with our company to discuss your event. In addition to sampling some of the types of food we offer, it is a chance to look at and see linen samples, place settings, etc. Additionally we will go over all the details for the event. The food sampling is to give you an opportunity to explore the quality and styles of food that we offer. Although we attempt to serve items that will be served at your event, some items are not feasible to be served for a small tasting.

How long will the tasting last?

Although each tasting is different, most last about one (1) hour.

How many people may attend?

Up to four (4) people may attend the tasting complimentary. The tasting menu will consist of 3 Hors d’ Oeuvres, two main entrees and a salad, potato and vegetable entree. For custom tasting or additional guests there is a charged $25.00 per person. Payment is due a minimum of one (1) day prior to the tasting.

Do I have to make all my decisions at the tasting?

No. The tasting is a chance for you to go over the options. You can then take your time to review all the options and let us know what you would like for your event. Final selections do not have to be made until 14 days prior to the event. If you are ready to make your selections at the tasting we would be more than happy to take care of all your final details during that time.

What should I bring?

It is a good idea to bring color swatches of the colors you would like to use for your event. This will assist in matching the color with the displays.

Where will the tasting be held?

Once Upon A Wedding
(Tasting Room)
Old Town Temecula, CA

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